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boys moaning is basically the hottest thing a guy can do besides give you neck kisses

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Reader submission from: topguy4hry

Coach, this is a true story about the first time I sucked a man’s dick. 

True Story

We all took P.E. and we wore those tiny little short gym shorts and white tee shirts.  Some of us guys ‘matured’ faster than the others, so naturally we were curious when it was time to dress and undress, and shower.

I remember one guy, Mike, who had the hairiest legs I had ever seen; all the other guys teased him about it, but my goal was to see him with nothing on.  I got to, in the showers one afternoon; goddamn that stud was HAIRY as fuck, covered with dark, curly body hair. I got a little stiff in the shower, and had to wait until the other guys finished before I could turn around, rinse off, and get out.

I didn’t know it, but Coach had been watching us that afternoon, from his office, which had a window that looked out onto the locker room.  After all the guys left, and it was just me, Coach G came in to the shower room.  

He was probably in his late 40’s and had that military look, with a crew cut.  I had noticed, of course, that he was extremely hairy, but had never been too ‘curious’ about him.  For some reason, that day, he came into the shower after the other guys left, and I was still in the shower.  He stripped down and got into the shower about 2 down from me.  

God almighty, that man was SO FUCKIN HAIRY.  He was covered, front and back, with thick, dark curly fur.  As it got wet, and he started soaping himself up, I could not conceal the fact that I was getting a boner.   He just grinned, and said, “Steve, don’t worry about it, it happens”.  Then, he said “Hey, I know you have some brothers, and I’m sure your Dad has showed you, but you do know about keeping your foreskin clean, right?” 

Of course I had been TOLD about it, but I said, “No Coach, not sure what you mean….”   He stepped over to the shower right beside me, “Watch me”. 

He began to pull and stretch on his big swinging dick, and then to get it all wet and soapy; he pulled back his foreskin, and I saw his huge purple dick head.   He soaped it up, and rinsed it off; then said “now let’s see you do it.” 

So I did the same, except as I was washing mine, I became fully erect. I had one of the bigger cocks in the class, as most tall slim guys with big feet do. 

“Wow, that’s some dick on you son.”  I said, “Yes sir, I guess,” but I was embarrassed.  

He leaned in and rubbed my shoulders and said, “Hey don’t worry about it.  Guys get erections in gym…it’s not a big deal.”  And with that, he started SERIOUSLY playing with his meat.   He got that big hairy bastard rock hard, and started jacking it for me to see.   “See, no big deal.”  He then asked, “have you ever put one in your mouth?” 

I was so scared and embarrassed, I mumbled “No, of course not” thinking maybe he was trying to trick me or something.  ”You’ll like this.” and he dropped to one knee and kissed and sucked in my big dick head.  Oh man, I was dying… here was Coach with his mouth on my rock hard penis.  

“OK, now you try”.  He applied some pressure to my shoulder and I dropped to my knees.   I went at it like a pro, even though it was my first time with a man (I had j/o’d and sucked a little with a cousin).  Soon I was taking his thick dick as far down my throat as I could. 

He started moaning and said, “Steve, I’m gonna cum.”  I stopped sucking, and he shot his big load up onto his furry chest and stomach.   Then he said, “Now you do it”.   So I jacked my cock and shot right onto his still-hard cock and hairy ball sac.  

We stared at each other for a minute; then he turned around and started soaping and showering, and I did the same.  I got dressed without a word, and left. 

We never played again.  Little did he know that I jacked off thinking about it for months afterwards.  In fact, I still get hard when I think about seeing him shoot his huge load up onto that thick fur.  


Thanks topguy4hry for sharing this with the team.  Team, if you don’t yet know TG4H’s blog, you should.  Head over to his 'pervy stuff' blog for loads more.  

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